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Around here we have the privilege of hosting a team youth from New Zealand for a 10 day missions trip.  I was incredibly skeptical about hosting them (nothing new there) and Adam embraced the challenge and pulled together an amazing team of people to work with them.  Planning for large groups of people in your own country can be crazy, but in another culture….oy, it makes my head spin!  Our boys love hanging out with the different teams that come through and this time was no exception as they headed out to a local village for a day of visiting with the team (That’s them in the front of the “ferry” boat).11692506_10152849232316891_3525074091370084001_n

Around here we are always trusting to God to keep our guest rooms full of those in need of a place to stay, some good food, refreshment and fellowship!  He never disappoints!  There is a very fun Ukrainian family waiting eagerly for visas to go back to their home in Papua New Guinea.  We have greatly enjoyed getting to know them and hearing what God has put in their heart for the kids of PNG!  Maybe we will visit them someday….you never know! They were really hoping to be gone already, but continue to wait…and we continue to pray with them!11695801_1015353088488728_2125764923508163232_n11017501_1015352891822081_855451150354592320_n11540939_1015354588488578_4376830523843820504_n

Around here we eagerly wait for visitors from Canada…good friends from Manitoba to come and visit!  Oh how excited we are for fresh eyes and insights from afar!  The countdown is on….only 7 more sleeps!!

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