Around here

Around here…

20151129_175522The boys had their Sunday School closing program.  It was very sweet!

Mangoes are in season….more and more mangoes, smoothies, juices, squares, snacks…so amazing!

Adam got swiped by the Fiji Goshawk in our backyard and his head was bleeding.

The boys have their music recital tonight and it should be some fantastic creative chaos!

Local school is out for the year, so holiday programs are in full swing!  We press on in homeschool, while enjoying some of the local programs!20151201_083253

The administrative part of our job has gotten…well…really administrative.  It feels hard to get ahead of it!

We are so excited to be in advent (calendars, readings, events, choirs, family time, memory recording, reflection and preparation for the next year).  I really enjoy this time of year!

God is speaking to me like crazy through a book called Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle.  So enjoying it!

Blessings on you all as you enter this season of waiting!!

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