Around here


Enjoying the cool breeze of the sea!


Poetry tea time with our friends. Everyone took turns wearing…the hat….and reading their selections! It was so fun we have a waiting list for next time of people who would like to join us!

Around here we have a busy household once again, with friends and some staff from YWAM locations around Fiji who are attending the internship program with us at the National Office.  This means daily meeting in our house and around the city.

Around here we are counting down 12 weeks of homeschool until we go to Spain.  Lots of organization and deciding what is most important…being focused and intentional.

Around here we are preparing to go the west of the island and teach in a Discipleship Training School.  I will teach for my first full week in a DTS…feeling nervous and thinking I could probably use another year of preparation!!!


Jelly fish we caught off the boat!

Around here…I am having a birthday and was able to do some shopping downtown all by myself…who knew that would become such a treat!!  I’m not 40 yet but I can feel it creeping closer!!

Around here I am involved with an organization called Beacon Media, we have been given such a great opportunity to train teacher’s aides and provide God centered curriculum for those struggling with literacy and maths.  We are also doing some teacher’s workshops and the Methodist church (the biggest denomination in Fiji) has made it mandatory for all their teachers (several 100).

Around here we are saying good-bye to some good friends and celebrating with them as we see God move in their family.  They came to Fiji and met Jesus as a whole family.  It has been such a beautiful thing and what an incredible privilege to play a small part in that!!  We will miss them very much!

Around here we are booking housing, transport and praying about our coming months in Spain.  Adam and I will both staff with the Leadership Development Course and so we have a nanny coming from Canada. We are soooo excited to spend time with someone very near and dear to our family.


Such cute little Yachties!

Around here we enjoy hot days out on the sea with Mandolin (the boat we are partnering with to continue Bible education in the outer islands).

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