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IMG_4842We have been in Spain for one month already!  We are at the halfway of our time as staff of a course called a Leadership Development Course.  What an incredible time of being stretched in mind and spirit.  There are some incredible delegates from all around the world and it has been great to spend time networking and sharing stories.  Here is a quick overview of what a day looks like for us.


7:45 a.m. We say good bye to the kids as they wander sleepily downstairs as we head out the door.  We have a rental car and are a 25 min drive (20-30 depending on traffic…which we are thankfully going against).

8:25 a.m. Staff pray meeting each morning and quick overview of the day

8:45 Class begins for the day.  This is such a varied time of workshops, contemplation, discussion, prayer, lecture, worship, testimony, dramas, laughing and crying together.  It is so diverse and rich.  All of the staff take time teaching the various subjects, which has been very stretching for me…and Adam is loving it!

11:15 Coffee break and fellowship timeIMG_4713

11:45 Class resumes again – the topics range from Signature sins and virtues to self leadership to team leadership and conflict resolution and many more in between.

1:15 Lunch time – the food is amazing and so healthy!!

2:30 One-on one time – each staff person is linked with one or two delegates to sit together and share about what God has been doing in the week and other practical things.

4:30 Class time again – this is usually a creative workshop were there are application steps from the teaching…no lecture at this time of day…everyone is too tired!

IMG_50866:30 Supper begins and we head home to cook or eat with our family.  Our friend Jenny is here and is doing such a great job with homeschool, housework and meal prep for the boys and us.  What a blessing!

8:30 Boys are in bed and we begin our teaching prep, marking assignments from the week, getting things ready for intercession or just dropping into bed a little bit tired!

One night a week we have a marriage workshop with the married delegates and we don’t get home until 10:30 p.m….that is a long but satisfying day!!

Our days are full and we have been trying to make the most of weekends here in Spain.  It is such a pleasure to be a part of what God is doing here…we work with some incredible people and so amazing to be in Europe!  We are loving it!!IMG_5041

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