Around here

Around here, we are finishing our last days of homeschool before we head to British Columbia.


Around here, we think of and pray for our friends in Fiji, as they again deal with the effects of flooding, rain and wind.

Around here, we strap on our skates and hit the ice for a little exercise everyday.


Around here, we daily read about the coming Christ Child, preparing our hearts for the season that is now upon us.


Around here, we enjoy the flavours of the world, shared with friends and family.




We have been enjoying life in the frigid north.  When we were sweating, sitting at our breakfast table in Fiji we would often dream of cold winds and frozen lakes.  We are delighted that last week the lake finally froze over and the first ice fishing shacks have appeared.  The boys are always dreaming of something; last week they were dreaming of skating, which we have done almost everyday this week and now they are dreaming of fishing!img_8439

Winter sports are very novel and they boys ask everyday to put on their ‘skis.’  They love ‘skiing’ on the lake and are getting faster each day!  Today the winds were whipping and they used a tarp to sail them across the scoured ice.  It is a wonderful change of scenery and temperature, but we think often of our tropical home!

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