Around here

Hello friends!!  What a lovely time we have been having in 2017!!

The boys enjoying a snow fort they made in the yard!

Around here we continue to enjoy the Canadian winter and watch with a bit of longing as we see our friends and family being blanketed with snow (no hate mail please!), however we have 10 cm of snow coming today…a fire is going, hot chocolate (sugar free of course) on the stove!  Soaking it all up!

Around here we received our visas for another term in Fiji, so that means daily plane ticket browsing, working on communication, and lots of prayer as we count our nickels and look to what is ahead.

Around here we begin to make lists of people, places and things we want to experience before we leave.

Around here we continue to eat healthy, (we have been processed sugar free since coming back in Alberta in January), exercise our minds, bodies and spirits on a daily basis.

Around here we look forward to Easter and celebrating our Risen King…this also means pulling out the Ukranian Easter egg kit next week….so pumped….I’m sure there will be pictures in the near future!


Have a blessed day!

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