Around here

Around here, we are well into our 4th year of homeschool.  We are studying the Eastern Hemisphere and ‘in’ Japan right now.  As usual, the literature, history and language arts all blend together so well….we love Sonlight curriculum!!

Our classroom, such a great space!!

…we are saying goodbye to many good friends and colleagues, it’s a hard season, but I am happy to be settled and staying!

…I have had many opportunites to teach about literacy and reading.  I didn’t realize I was so passionate about it!  A part of our mission is to ‘endbiblepoverty’ and education/literacy is a huge part of that!

…the rain has been pouring down, 4-5 inches per day of pure rainy goodness.  The sun shone a bit today for the second time in 14 days!  So much for our sunny tropical paradise!

…we are having lovely fellowship with our staff team, praying together each week and now a potluck/worship and sharing night.  We had them all over for a prayer retreat in Oct and it was rich in laughter, food, Spirit and heart!

Our Korean feast!

…we are enjoying manoges by the heap, I wish for everyone that you could eat a fresh mango straight from the tree….heavenly.  The mangoes grow mostly on the other side of the island (dry side) but we get our share here!

These bush women I travelled to the west with with were serious about their mangoes and I definitely got to reap the reward of that! Can you see them hanging there….yum!

Our tree has been upgraded and we are so excited!!

….Christmas is coming….as we put up the tree this week my middle son commented that one of the best parts of getting ready is remembering where you were in Christmas’ past.  I love that about the season as well!!

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