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Around here we are thankful for Julie who came to visit us for 2 months.  She is a member care ‘expert’ (I only put that in quotation marks for her sake….I think it’s true) and came to care for us, teach us how to care for others and bring some awareness about caring for our staff and students in YWAM Fiji (and around the world).  She briIMG_2402ngs this rich wealth of experience from her 18 years in India and 6 years in Canada with Youth With A Mission.  She does extensive teaching on how we can equip missionaries to be long term and make sure that people do not leave the field unless God says!  We learned soooo much and were able to have her teach at our staff conference, at all of the different YWAM locations within Fiji and to our interns here at the National Office.  She was a great sounding board and pointed out some things that are happening in the Fijian Cultural make-up that are not a part of Kingdom culture.  She pointed out tensions between the Itaukei (first people) and Indians here in Fiji and we were able to pray with new focus and purpose into this area.  I was totally blessed to be able to travIMG_2306el with her and do some team teaching about member care, as well as going to visit our friends in Savusavu!  It was a great launch into more of what God is saying to us about our time in Fiji.  In many ways it is a shift in ministry for me personally and Adam has done a great job of blessing, supporting and taking over homeschooling when necessary!

Around here we have a 10 year old!!  It’s hard to believe that over 10 years ago we were waiting in Morris for that day when we would meet our newest family member.  Parenting has been this amazing rollercoaster ride.  Gideon is a huge reader and devours books at rapid speeds (we generally have a book a day limit so he gets outside and stays active…however sometimes he convinces us that since our hammock is technically outside he is still getting some fresh air while reading….).  He is thoughtful and able to call out the strengths of others, as well as be sensitive to what is doing and saying in any given moment.  He has this great sense of humour that brings us all great joy!  We are looking foIMG_2370rward to the next 10 years and beyond!  He also beat his dad at chess for the first time ever and what a sweet moment of victory!

Around here we have an almost 41 year old.  Crazy that Adam has hit 40 and is rolling over that hill!  I feel so young…I won’t be 40 for a few more years 🙂  Adam continues to amaze me with his gifts, talents and insights.  I am so thankful for my amazing husband who is at this moment sharing his birthday berries with us all (he got a small bag of frozen mixed berries for a birthday present today…when you only get a few berries once a year it’s a little taste of home that is a huge treat).  That right there folks is pure sacrificDSCF1299e and love.

Around here we are enjoying some cooler weather which brings the season for oranges, limes from our yard, and lettuce (yippeee).  We are looking forward to hosting a few teams from New Zealand and South Africa, finishing our National Office internship, hopefully seeing my parents, having a visit from some dear friends and hopefully going to a few conferences in Australia.

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