Australian Adventure comes to a sweet close


We talked alot about ending bible poverty. For more info please see their website at

Hello friends, I know that it has been awhile.  Things got a bit crazy while travelling (asthma attack, Sydney driving, visiting friends…you know, the usual stuff!!).  The purpose of our time in Australia was to attend a conference with our organization.  It was a time of gathering together to seek vision and to unite hearts.  We arrived in Townsville with 1300 other colleagues.  It was so fun to see family from Canada, Spain, Mexico (and many many other places…) and people we had met during our stay in Australia.  We work with this crazy amoeba of an organization that is constantly changing in form and title but the same heart and same calling stay true like a scarlet thread.  This was a time of gathering as family and it was really like a family gathering in so many ways.  We celebrated birthdays (our founder turned 80…that party was the highlight of the whole conference for my kids!!  The cake was 3 feet by 3 feet and in the shape of Bible with 80 candles on it….so fun), we mourned together (there was a tragic ship accident last year and a young man died), we laughed and cried as we were taken through the story of the mission and where God has taken us.  It honestly confirmed so many things for us as a family.  It confirmed we are in the right place (I often wonder if God gets tired of thi20150908_094339s question…so far not!) and focusing on the right thing (raising up the next generation of leaders, who understand the Character of our Father, the calling of this mission, who will go to the last, the least and the lost).  We had people speak life into us and we were able to reciprocate that.  We met new friends from far away places and enjoyed the comfort of familiar faces.  We were able to meet the leaders in the Pacific and hear testimony of what God is doing in this region.  It gave us a whole new outlook on what is happening in Fiji (which often feels slow and small…but in reality we have so much to celebrate with our leadership team walking in great obedience, and various training schools all around the country!).  It reminded us how strategic this place is and that God is so much bigger than we could even imagine!  20150917_142647We left Australia with full hearts and full suitcases (hello cheap cheese, kangaroo sausage and fitted sheets).

We are now in a season of sharing what God has spoken for this nation, of being intentional in taking small steps of obedience and celebrating where we have come from as it paves the way for where we are going…and it is going to be quite the ride!

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