Back in Fiji

Bula from the beautiful islands of Fiji.  We are excited to be back and are slowly adjusting to the heat again!!  Thankfully we are in the ‘winter’ season and the evenings are a beautiful 23 degrees C with daytime highs of about 30-32 degrees C (plus humidity).  We are staying on the dry side of the island in Lautoka, which is sugar cane country, so our views are of the smoky sugar mill, burning cane fields, sugar cane trains (often sung to the tune of the Dinosaur train theme song….) and lots of big old sugar cane trucks.  It’s a different view than we have had during our time in Fiji.  It has only rained once since we have been here (in over 40+ days….so crazy!!). Where we usually live, in the capital city, Suva, it rains every day.  We actually really miss the rain and are looking forward to a bit of cooler, rainier weather (I’ll let you know how I feel about moldy nasty clothes when we’ve been back in Suva awhile!  Until then, I am looking forward to the rain!).  The locals that we tell about our love for the weather in Suva, shake their head and say, “Must be a God thing!”

We have found a house to rent in Suva, and are so excited to unpack, move in and settle.  We have been ‘on the road’ and living out of suitcases for the last 15+ months.  Even my boys are talking about unpacking!!  There is great excitement at the thought of setting up a ‘home’ and we are already dreaming cooking family meals in our beautiful new kitchen!  We move in on Aug 22….counting down!!  Can’t wait!


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