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We have very studious cats as well…always expanding their horizons…I hope that’s not what killed little Tiger….

If you have been following our family at all you know that we are entering into our 3rd year of homeschool…seriously?  That’s a bit crazy!  We took a one week break between school years…hahaha….I know, my poor kids!  However, we did not do any ‘active’ schooling while in Australia so I counted that as our break!  We continue to love using Sonlight and maybe love it more now that we won the photo cover contest…just kidding!!  It really has been a great choice recommended by some very wise friends of ours that we love dearly.  Sonlight allows us some flexibility, the full resources we need (they even send the tinfoil needed for science….perfect), and some amazing reading material that we would never have access to here in the Pacific.  The Curriculum offers a ‘core’ of History, Geography, Science and Read alouds, to which all of my kids listen.  It is a bit of stretch this year with Jude joining us more, but he generally plays in the room while we read.  The kids each have their own Bible, English and Math programs.  Our Core topic this year is American History (the last 2 years have been World History).  I debated this one for a while and had some great chats with people on homeschool forums and facebook about doing American History…but after much prayer, talk and input we decided that America was founded by some great people (also not great ones….but we won’t talk about those as much) and we want to learn about our ‘Southern Cousins.’  This makes me excited to do Canadian history during our furlough year (possibly starting next Northern Hemisphere Summer…what?).  Excited to study Canada while in Canada, talk about being in the moment!


Not much to do with homeschool, but we have been soooo blessed by many of you who loving put together costly parcels to bless our family. I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We are a small part of a much bigger body and we are so thankful…look how excitement on that adorable face!

We have some great reading ahead of us and the boys are all really excited to go through the books!  Little Britches, The Witch at Blackbird Pond, Pocahontas (Have you ever heard the wolf cry to a blue corn moon…..oh never mind…that will be a good one!), Johnny Tremain, Harriet Tubman etc. etc. etc.!  It was a really fun box to unpack and the boys also have some exciting books to read in their English track (Malakai gets to read through a kids Bible…we have some pretty major prizes for kids who read through a whole Bible so he is pumped)!  Very fun!  The other plus about studying America is the plethora of videos and other info available if anything should peak our interest (also there are many references to Canada)!


Also nothing to do with homeschool, but a new sign welcoming you all to come and visit our home city!

Homeschool continues to be a great space for our family to bond, really speak deeply into the hearts of my kids, have some incredible discussions and they get to be a greater part of what happens with our family here in Fiji.  In a few days we head to the west of our Island to do some staff training on communication and raising support. Our kids are excited to see their YWAM friends and look forward to these visits (which would be much rarer if we were bound by a school schedule).  We also have a team here right now from New Zealand (mostly Canadians and Americans though!) and our kids get to meet them, spend time with them, will go out and do some ministry with them etc.  It just works so well and I feel we are all richer having multi-generations taking part and walking together in God’s call.

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  • Karen Dryden says:

    Great to get a glimpse of your life in Suva with your home schooling. I admire your dedication so much! I am looking forward to staying in touch through your blog Kim

    • Kim A. says:

      Awww Karen, I somehow missed this comment! How are you?? Thanks so much for reading!! Many blessings to you and your family!!

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