Birthday week!!


My bus boys!! Our kids have perfected the art of taking public transition.

So, something exciting has happened….I had a birthday!!  I had a whole birthday week….as is our family tradition!!  The boys did a great job at taking care of my every need and treating me to many special things.  We had great food (of course….).  Adam and I were able to go out…just the two of us….woot!  Always a huge treat.  The boys decorated a special birthday box that would be magically filled with  treasures for every day of the birthday week….tea, soap, leggings, cards, stories, chocolate, songs, underwear…really all the essentials!  I love birthdays!  I was hoping to receive some of my Christmas parcels during my birthday week but it didn’t happen…oh well, maybe for Valentines day?  Or Easter??  Hopefully for Easter!!

The boys and I also survived our first week alone in the big city!  Adam went with our interns to a training week on the other side of the island (the only perquisite was that we (by we I actually mean Adam), caught the rat running around the house….which ‘we’ did with only a few hours to spare!).  When Adam leaves we have a ‘coping’ schedule.  It is always very relaxed and laid back.  I had some women come over to pray and worship a couple of afternoons, the boys are taking swimming lessons at a local pool and it was such a scorcher of a week that we couldn’t get to the pool soon enough!  We also have sleepovers in Mom’s room the whole week and a wonderful vegetarian menu!  One of our friends brought us a roast chicken on Thursday night and the boys devoured it like they hadn’t seen meat in a year!!  It was such a yummy treat from a very thoughtful friend!  We were happy to have Adam back at the end of the week and now we are starting Malakai’s birthday week!!  Woot!  7 years old here we come!!!

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