Opportunity and Independence

I often feel like being a mom is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling things ever.  I love being home with my kids and homeschooling them has given a … Continue Reading →

Australian Adventure comes to a sweet close

Hello friends, I know that it has been awhile.  Things got a bit crazy while travelling (asthma attack, Sydney driving, visiting friends…you know, the usual stuff!!).  The purpose of our … Continue Reading →

Visitors from afar…

True story….there once were some great friends who lived very near when they were newly married couples.  They spent copious amounts of time together, ate together, worked together and played … Continue Reading →

We are still alive and well

Hello friends!  We are still here but have had some internet woes for the last 6 weeks…finally….finally we have internet at our house again!  There has been so much action … Continue Reading →

The beauty of friendship

These past few weeks have been a very busy time for us.  We have been hosting a family from Canada (such a pleasure!!) and hosting a dear friend from Canada.  … Continue Reading →

Family Vision statement

A few years ago we put together a vision statement using Stephen Covey’s online vision statement generator and came up with this statement.             “As a family we are at … Continue Reading →