Cleaning out the cupboard part 2

Hello from the lovely non snowy seaside 🙂  Sorry, had to get a little dig in there for all our beloved Canadian friends and family that continued to be buried under a blanket of white.  We actually don’t talk about the weather in Canada very much because it makes our kids miss Canada too much when we show them pictures of all the snow!  We have had a lovely week.  We had our first Fijian lovo (underground BBQ) at our brother-in-law’s village.  It was an amazing meal and our first ever Fijian feast!  Lovely to be part of such a great family and see local hospitality in action.  Homeschool is going well, we are motoring on and my students are quite eager….we just finished Charlotte’s Web, wow, I forgot the end is a bit of tear jerker.  We have had the house owners staying in the cottage for the last few days.  Great to meet them and have time to visit about expectations about the house and property.  We have hired some help and we are bound and determined to get the backyard jungle under control.  Somedays it is a bit overwhelming to think of everything God wants to do here and what our purpose is, especially when just living can be so time consuming, but I was listening to a podcast by Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, CA (highly recommend anything from them) and he said if you are not overwhelmed by the calling of God on your life, then you probably don’t understand what God is asking, and that is a good place to be because it means it can only be done with Him.  It was so encouraging!

And now back to part 2 of cleaning out the cupboard!  If you missed the first part of this story you can find part 1 here…..have a wonderful day!


Returning to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, once we opened up the doors, my son began to son and shudder. He expressed that he was afraid to clean it alone. I comforted him; encouraging him, I said, “I’m right beside you, just like I’ve been with all the cupboards you’ve done.”

God gave me a revelation as the cleaning process took place. This was the most difficult, most scary cupboard for my son to clean. That cupboard (and cleaning process) is just like cleaning out our spiritual cupboard. It was hard. He didn’t like it… at all. I never left him, and I got out the hardened on (stuck on) junk for him. We left no crumb, because as we did this, I understood, through God’s given insight, the significance of this experience (for my son). The hard to reach places, we reached together. I comforted him, encouraged him. We did it together, JUST LIKE JESUS DOES WITH US!



I thank you for never leaving me alone. Thank you for always being there with me and for me, gently teaching me and leading me through life’s experiences and the emotions that accompany them. Praise You for Your faithfulness. Oh Lord, I give You all glory and praise. With all gratitude, Jesus, I pray in Your Name. Amen.

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  • Lorraine says:

    Wow, wish I had had the insight and wisdom you young moms have. Maybe my children wouldn’t have had to listen to so many of my rants & rages then. Thank you for sharing, I think I can still benefit now and maybe even use these insights with my grandchildren.

  • Uncle Rod says:

    Hi guys….as our children get older and their challenges get more precarious and seemingly larger, we have to walk with them to demonstrate that we will always love and cherish them. Thank you Kim for teaching your children with love, patience and time…even when there seems not enough time.

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