Guest post: Gideon’s perspective on life in Fiji

Hi my name is Gideon, I’m nine years mom told me I could IMG_3471make this post on her blog. Life in Fiji is…


A couple months ago I was wishing we could go to Fiji and now I’m here.

I like all the tropical trees and fruits to enjoy.  A couple reasons why…

IMG_8024 (2)reason no.1new foods and fruit – I love eating passionfruit, indian sweets and having dessert first!

reason no.2 the tropical environment – It’s warm all the time, and since it’s tropical it’s not like things in Canada.

reason no.3 new plants – Dalo is a plant that people here eat.  I don’t like to eat it, but it is interesting.  Kassava also grows here.

reason no.4 new trees – Papaya trees, palm trees, rain trees.  Rain tree leaves close at 5 o’clock at night and open at 5 o’clock in the morning.IMG_8028 (2)

reason no.5 new people – Indians, Fijians, Australians, New Zealanders, it’s fun to talk with people from different places.

-by Gideon


Oh how I love this kid!  He is so much fun and adds so much depth to our family.  He often shares things that God has told him and has this insatiable reading thirst!  He began reading through the Bible a few weeks ago and is constantly sharing little tidbits out of it.  He asked for a prize so that he has something to work towards…specifically the lego mindstorm robot set…he doesn’t go small….must have learned that from his dad!!  He loves to learn about new things (as you can see from the post above!!) and loves to share it with others.  He is always making some sort of manual about a club he wants to  make, or something he has learned.  Most recently it has been about survival in the tropics, you can see him below with a torch he fashioned at the beach with fire in the top, oh he was soooo excited about that!  Here are a few pics of things he has been doing in Fiji….

IMG_8951 IMG_8770 IMG_8779   IMG_8385


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