Happy New Year!!

I love the start of a new year! The time for reflection and gleaning from the old to look into the new that is just ripe with hope. It is really a beautiful thing! I just wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas. I have been ‘under the weather’ for most of December and finally, none of my home remedies could touch my sore throat any more so I went and saw a doctor. It is my first time being on antibiotics since just after Jude was born. I have been on a strict diet of lots of probiotics….and a less strict diet of low sugar intake. I am feeling much better so here is hoping that we will have a healthy year! We also just weathered a small tropical depression here. It was a good trial run (there was a cyclone heading our way…but thankfully veared off!) for this cyclone season (Dec-Apr). We were without power for 33ish hours (so stinking hot, and the wind actually completely died…but thankfully had water. I filled every available container with water and the headlamps we got the boys for Christmas were very well used! We have decided that it probably isn’t a good idea to stock the freezer (but those chickens were on for such a good deal…) so full…but it did help most of it stay frozen the whole time…anyway, that’s where we are at. Today is our last day of break and school begins again tomorrow. I have been dreading this day as it is the beginning of busy busy season, but the time has come to do up my seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

I did a memory keeping project (that’s fancy for scrapbooking…)called December Daily, where I journalled our whole month and photo documented our days of December. It will be fun to look through next year (especially if we are in Canada…Christmas just looks so different!!). Here are some of the shots! I pray that you will have a blessed and fruitful 2016!



DD 2015 day 3

DD 2015 day 25a

DD 2015 day 24

DD 2015 day 13

DD 2015 day 10

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