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IMG_20140715_114436We are really enjoying our first year of homeschool!  It started out hard and a bit labour intensive, with a few bad attitudes (maybe partly my own….) but we have come to a place where we are doing year round school, taking breaks whenever we need them or want them.  We love the flexibility to study what comes up and to be   free to study more in depth if something really interesting comes out of our daily work.IMG_20140715_112034

We are using a curriculum called Sonlight.  It is literature based (lots of reading aloud…we all really love this!) with a great Christian worldview.  We are doing Core C which is World History.  We get to read missionary stories from around the world, about the great wall of China, the rise of Rome and the Assyrians.  It has been so fascinating.IMG_20140715_113734

Part of our science has been to study animals in all the different continents so we camped for a bit on Australia and did this little mini unit which involved making the map of IMG_20140715_112717Australia (thank you google search!), colouring flags, reading about the different provinces thanks to some library books about cities in Australia.  We also learned how to use the encyclopedia at the library and did a study on 2 animals found in Australia that the boys wanted to learn more about.  It was so fun.  We watched several youtube videos about Australia and a tv show called Kangaroo Dundee about raising joeys (that’s Aussie speak for baby kangaroo!!).  It was really great to have some special guest teachers (Thanks Steve and Issie) who had worked with Aboriginals in Australia.  They showed the boys videos of Aboriginal dance, taught them to use the pictoral writing style and shared photos of these IMG_20140716_113818beautiful people.  It was really neat to have that all come together and just kind of morph into this really rich learning time.

This week it was the ocean, so we have watched a few documentaries on the Great barrier reef, on sharks, made this shark model and hung it in our classroom (what a great Christmas gift from Auntie Brooke and uncle Soni and fam!!). IMG_20140716_113831 It has been a fun week of discovery…with some snorkelling time scheduled in….may as well experience the reef too right?!!



If you click on this picture to the left you can see our beautiful shark hanging from the ceiling, right beside our tarantula from our desert unit!!

I am so thankful that this is going so well and feel like we are all thriving as we learn together and explore life together.  Very proud of these boys and so thankful for them!

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