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Fall 2013 1256We have now been a homeschool family for 2 months.  We’ve survived and I think I like it.  We started off with a unit study about space and we have had so much fun learning about it.  The culmination of that was a model of the solar system and a powerpoint presentation by Cherished son #1 about various things in the solar system.  It was sooo cute.  He asked that everyone be present (one of the perks of living with my parents while we wait for visas….a big audience).  These last 2 days Cherished son #1 has set up a café in the basement.  It is called Combo café.  It is free and he allows the younger kids to take turns being servers in the café.  I love inclusivity!!  Adam and I sat down to eat a snack and ordered the volcano combo.  It was this adorable thing with apples on the bottom, beautifully sliced, bananas cut up in chunks for the mountain and raspberries overflowing out of the top like lave.  Oh, my heart melted!  What a sweet heart.  It was also fun that after we cut off the cafe’s food supply (too close to lunch), it then became a free drink lounge (what he called it…soo great) and he made a sign that said “Free drinks, help yourself” with cups and water bottles on a little table.  They have had the café open for 2 days.  I love that our homeschooling allows them to play, be creative and include their younger siblings.  It doesn’t always look this nice and peaceful, but happy for times like this!

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  • Kari K says:

    Hi there!! That’s so great to hear that homeschooling is turning into a real blessing for everyone there. Such encouragement! As baby #2 will be arriving shortly, the reality of homeschooling is hitting and with it brings mixed emotions. Thanks for your blog…I may not get to it often but when I do, I’m grateful.

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