It’s good to be home!


Happy Birthday to me!! Thanks for the lovely cake Marine Reach!!

We have just arrived home from the lovely ‘Burning West.’  It was a hot one on the western side of our island.  Adam and I both taught in a Discipleship Training School and were able to catch up with many of the other leaders as they gathered together to pray for and discuss things in our mission in this Nation.  Malakai and I both celebrated our birthdays while there.  It was great to celebrate with new friends, old friends and family.  There were so many birthdays during our time there….for the last 5 days we had cake almost every day!!  We had our interns join us part way through 12644733_10154557862409535_3220746176952175454_nthe trip and were so thankful they were there to share their hearts with the students, lead and share about prayer and get to know the staff and students at Marine Reach.  We had a Swiss family (which visited us in Suva in Nov.) staying with us in Lautoka, which was fun with alot of good food…also a good test of our French skills!

Between the teaching, discipleship, the constant community life, the birthday celebrations and the heat (all things we love…okay I wouldn’t use love for the heat…) it was totally exhausting 🙂 In a good way!  We knew that we would be s


My lovely Valentines!!

pent by the end of our time  so we planned our first resort getaway weekend!  It was really fun to spend time by the pool, go kayaking, sit by the sea and just be!   We really miss being by the sea and beaches, so we soaked it all in…it was clean and fresh and amazing!! It’s a bit hard to digest ‘resort pricing’ but we stayed close to a small town where we could run in for snacks and meals (Adam tried to sneak into the staff room to use the local priced drink machine but got rerouted!).

We are excited to be back and home and to get some routine back into our lives!  Adam has a few more trips planned in the next months, but I think I am going to stay home and try to stay as sane as possible before we have a whole year of transition and craziness!  In 6 weeks we will be moving out our current home before we leave for our Leadership Course we will staff in Europe for 2


A little Valentines day croquet anyone?? Love these boys!!

months.  We will miss this house and feel the end of this season approaching (we are coming back to Fiji after our time in Europe and Canada, but it most likely will not be to this neighbourhood again…the end of the Nabua era!).

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