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What great students I have.  They are amazing.  As a teacher, I have always found great joy in my students and love seeing each of them as individuals with different gifts, talents, abilities, likes and dislikes.  I think that my newest teaching endeavour is going to shape me in a way that none other has until this point (and don’t get me wrong, Hutterites and ex-Hutterites will always have a very special place in my heart!!).  I am doing something that I, as a public school teacher, said I would never do….  Homeschooling my children (*gasp*).  Learning just took on a whole new meaning.  Living and learning.  Living, learning, working, cleaning, moving, breathing, being.  It all just took on new meaning.  I have this whole gamut of emotions over this.  I am excited, I am overwhelmed, I am confident, I am afraid and they weirdly all happen at the same time sometimes.  All I know is that I want my kids to become the best learners they can be and want to give them opportunities to learn about and know our Creator.  I want to do life and ministry (not that these things are really every that separate) with my kids.  As we embark on a new journey for our family this was part of that decision.

We are going into our 3rd week of homeschool and not all of it has been that amazing.  The first few days were fun!  The kids eagerly packed a little snack (on their own accord) and said they would wait on the corner for the bus….wait a minute….we are homeschooling.  So I had to send my dad (living with my parents is whole new post……later) out in the car to the corner to pick up the kids and bring them back home to school.  Then the 3rd day, my oldest tried to call in sick, from the basement.  Nice try buddy.  Then last week they had a special ‘guest’ bus driver who picked them up and brought them presents for snack!  The teacher even got a present!!  I love good friends!!  There were days that it seemed were a waste but there were days where we got to snuggle and read together on the couch, or do research on something they heard about, or talk in depth about something they saw, or make the fossils out of drywall mud before going to the fossil museum.  Those days it seemed great!

I want it to be simple.  I want it to be fulfilling.  I want it to be enjoyable for all parties.  So begins the journey to not overcomplicate and not get overwhelmed with all the things they could be learning!  If you are reading along, I guess you are taking that journey with me!  Hold on tight, I have a feeling it may be bumpy ride.

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