On the road again


Santa Monica beach, California – In the time frame of one week we have touched the sea in Fiji, Los Angeles and the south of Spain…how crazy is that…3 continents in a week

We have been on the travel trail and what a ride it has been!  On March 28, we moved out of our Fiji home (with much blood, sweat and tears) and into a more nomadic lifestyle of living out of suitcases.  Many of our things went into storage (for when we return), many things got sold to friends and strangers in Suva and many things went with us to organize and take with us.  We spent time with our YWAM family in Suva, setting up the new office and saying our farewells.  We were able to spend time with our whole YWAM family at the staff conference and say a grand farewell to all.  We spent time packing and organizing what we would bring with us, since we had decided to only bring 4 suitcases , which turned out to be a bit harder to figure out than I thought it would be, but we did it!!  We also navigated extreme flooding (being totally cut off from the international airport), a small earthquake and an incoming cyclone (which thankfully did not materialize).  Whew!  I feel a bit tired just thinking of it all.  I have been grieving this move for the last month (maybe more) and often felt the warm blanket of grief and tears as I thought about moving into a new season.  It has been quite the emotional roller coaster, with quite the dramatic natural disaster ending!   What a relief it is when your bags are checked, there is nothing more to be organized, no more decisions to be made…except if you will eat chicken or beef for supper…ahhhh!



The kids play area in Los Angeles Airport. We enjoyed this space three years ago on our way to Fiji and now again! Yippee for well planned airports!

We had lovely time in Los Angeles, we had a 3 days layover.  We stayed at the YWAM base there and had fun meeting new people within our mission, enjoying some local cuisine, visiting attractions, and resting after our crazy last few weeks.

On April 13 we touched down in Spain.  In many ways it felt like a really long trip to get here!  It feels amazing to finally land and be settled in one place.  We have had some crazy nights of jet-lag and are settling in.  Looking forward to the next 7 weeks of no packing (and I unpacked everything so I don’t even have to pretend I am living out of a suitcase….sweet!!).  Tomorrow we start our staff training for the course we are staffing and I feel a bit giddy with anticipation of what we will be involved in and who we get to walk alongside.  It’s going to be a good ride!!


The park near our home in Spain…that is the sea out in the distance…so amazing!



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