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Last year I decided to choose a word…one word that the Holy Spirit had laid on my heart for the new year. My word last year was “OPEN.” It was about opening my heart, my home and many other things. It was about being open to whatever came my way…and I have to be honest, by the end of the year, I had lost focus. I’ll tell a little story about that later. This ‘one word’ idea has a tonne of chatter online, which I love because it reminds me again and again to come back to what God is saying to me about that word throughout the year. This is instead of resolutions and writing down some specific things that may or may not happen. I love setting goals for the new year and when done well it can be such a powerful thing, but I sometimes get a bit bound by my goals…it was stifling creativity and spontaneity (and this is an area of growth for me…so to stifle what little is there is not helpful in the least). There is much freedom to discover, speak with God, grow, move and it usually morphs into something bigger than we ever imagined.

I can’t say that I had an crazy epiphany at the end of the year about my word. Disappointing maybe…but at the same time, I felt it grow me. One of the things that happened was I decided that I would be open to people staying with us and hospitality would continue to be one of main ministries, even when it seems inconvenient. It was stretching, and there were a few times I felt it might be too much, but it was during those times that we were able to have some great deep conversations, or real investment (both ways…into our lives or into their lives). It was rich. It was an investment…financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually. There was a cost but there was also a return (and I trust was even more invested than we know!). I learned to host graciously (this is such a work in progress), to be okay with my limits, to be willing to dig deeper, to not justskim the surface.  It involved being generous without expecting something back.  Giving without expecation or strings attached…what a beautiful freeing thing.  I feel freer…yippee!!

DD 2015 day 21The big event that I saw ‘the word’ in action was when our mission was donated a sailing yacht. I was so not on board (figuratively and literally). I dislike boats and am not good on the water…it stirs fear in my heart that threatens many parts of me (think all out panic attack). As we received this yacht, on loan from America…really in partnership with the owners, there was much fear and trembling and complaining on my part. I was not open. I tried many times to talk Adam out of it, and he listened to me…but he listened more to the Holy Spirit than to me (wait…am I not part of the Holy Spirit’s voice to him….just kidding). He shared what he was sensing and I actually trusted Him…I was open to what God was going to do even though I couldn’t see it…(cue heavenly music).  And guess what happened…instead of being just another thing on our list of ‘to-do’s, it has become such a great thing for our family. It has become recreation, it has provided exercise for Adam and the boys (we had been praying specifically about this), DD 2015 day 5it has provided a space outside of our home to bless people (we had also been praying specifically about this), we are a small part of the great vision for this boat to go to the outer islands bringing resources that are not otherwise available (we had also been praying about this).  So I am thankful for a great husband, and a great Father.

As I read back through my last year’s post on my word ‘Open,’ it still really stirs something in me and I can see it.  Even when I forgot or could not walk it out, the leaves were slowly unfurling…how exciting!

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