One little word 2016

This last week I have decided that I am not picking ‘a word’…so not only am I not making any resolutions, I am also not picking a word…that was it, fine…it’s trendy and I am really not that trendy so fine…enter epiphany moment…

As Adam and I discuss and pray for the next 6-12 months with our family my stomach begins to tighten. It involves a lot of travel and truthfully I am not at my best when I travel. I think (I hope) it looks like it from the outside but inside is a mess of anxiety, unsettledness and battle of the mind in the areas of fear and the unknown. I love to be stable, to know what’s coming, to know where my children will lay their heads at night  and to lay them there repeatedly…like over a year. However, as we look at plane tickets and talk about possibilities I realize that I need a new outlook. I need something that is going to ground me when everything is so uncertain. As the questions swirl through the air

how will pay for this? where will be stay? how will we get there?who will we get to see?what if it doesn’t work out?what if we are gone too long?what will happen here in Fiji? what if my expectations are too high? what if my expectations are too low?

GT_shutterstock_rest+areaI was reminded today that I don’t have to carry this burden.  It is not my job to see in the future and get the details all hammered out.  It is my job to walk daily, asking God what little details I can do today that will contribute to what He has planned. Now I am a firm believer that God gives us way more say in things than we give Him credit.  I do not just sit back and do nothing waiting for some cosmic force to use my online banking to buy plane tickets.  However, I can procratinate a long time and put off decisions that God has given me the capability to do and stew and in the ‘what ifs’, or I can move forward in confidence (oh, that’s a good work too….).  My perspective has to be from this deep well that is beyond me…not a place of uncertainty or fear.  And so, after throwing in the towel in the “one little word”  I have stumbled across it (Oh the analogies that come to mind with that one…)…Rest.

635770956927872319338748186_rest_here.imgopt1000x70I was actually listening to a podcast and they were talking about the craziness of the Christmas season and how is it possible to even approach that from a place of rest.  It made me chuckle to think…that’s my whole year…maybe more… when it dawned on me that because of the work of the Cross, because of Who I serve, I don’t have to spend this year strapped onto some crazy roller coaster of fear…just waiting for it all to end.  That is not my Father’s intention for me in the least.  That even in this season of transition and unknown I can have an attitude of going slow, possibly even enjoy the ride (gasp).

I know this word is ‘the one’ because I felt this voice inside me say “YES! Let’s do it!”  The possibilities of implications, the plans that can come with this, things I can put into place to operate of out of this place make me really excited!  The wheels are spinning.  I feel like Psalms 4:8…which doesn’t use the word (though I do like it when things work out neat and tidy like that, but let’s face it…such a rarity!..I thought about using the word unafraid, but it is way too narrow in meaning…anyway, back to the verse)

Now I can lay down in peace and sleep comes at once, For no matter what happens, I will live unafraid



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