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I love the new year, a fresh start and a reason to try new things.  I used to really not like new year’s.  I would grieve that things will not be the same (oh change…)…like literally grieve….weeping and not wanting to celebrate the new year coming, and just go to bed early because it represented change, loss and regret (not that I really had too many regrets, it just seemed like I was losing more than I was going to gain).  I have been reading a lot of interesting books about why this might be, but that is not where I want to go right now!  As much as I love goal setting and vision casting, I was feeling a bit pressured this year and realized that there is no reason things can’t be simple.  So, instead of a bunch of ‘resolutions’ I made a mental list of some things I want to try for the new year and prayed about one word to represent what God wanted to do in me this year.  Simple, not too many strings, brilliant!

I have to say that the perfectionist in me was stressed when after weeks of prayer and contemplation, the final evening of 2014 loomed and I still didn’t have a word….(no pressure right?), I started going through words and thought I would just close my eyes and pick one off the page (very spiritual of course), but felt this pull to let it go (song anyone?)….I had been contemplating generosity, hospitality, leadership, self-awareness, staying healthy, co-dependency, but there wasn’t just one of these words that would sit in that place of being “the word” for 2015.  So the new year came, without a word.  And I was okay!  Life went on. I was washing dishes one day when it just suddenly popped in my head….OPEN.

2087333395_b6fd76ddd6_mOpen what?? I asked? Open your hands, your heart, your home, your ears, your spirit, your mind, your body, your perspective.  I saw a picture of flower unfurling to it’s full bloom, vulnerable to the elements, but boldly declaring it’s beauty to anyone who will take the time and look.  Yes, it resonated within me.  This is it, I want to unclench my hands from all that I hold dear and stand open handed before my God, allowing Him to take and put in what is needed.  5808969918_a2795c2dfc_nI want to be a little less neurotic and a little more go with the flow (Hello Fiji time!!), I want to open my home to all who need it and open my table to all who are hungry.  I want to open my wallet to those in need.  I want to open my ears, mind, spirit and body to walk more sensitively in the ways of God.  I want to open more ‘perspective bending’ books, more honest relationships, more spontaneity! Yes!  This was it, and it suddenly didn’t matter that it was the second week of January!!

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