One year ago today…


Here we are fresh off our huge flight one year ago!! Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

So….it was one year ago today we arrived safely in our new land, ready to take on the world. From leaving Canada to arriving in Fiji, we went from -40 to +32 degrees…what a change!! Good news is that we are still here and still ready to take on the world! Hopefully a little wiser, and maybe a little less wide eyed!  As I sit here and the gecko’s chase each other around above my head, I am so grateful to God for this last year!  We had a little debriefing at supper time and everyone had to answer questions like “your favorite part of Fiji, what you miss in Canada, if you could teleport one thing or person to Fiji right now what or who would it be” etc.  As we went around and took turn answering there was a sadness, an awe but mostly joy.  I think we may have gone beyond just surviving.  We still miss people and certain things (Boston Pizza comes up ALOT…almost as much as Grandpas and Grandmas!!) but we have settled.  Our hearts are here, are full and expectant.  I think of this song:

There’s no place I’d rather be, There’s no place I’d rather be, There’s no place I’d rather be

Then here in Your Love, Here in Your Love.

Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I can’t control…I want more of you God!

-Jesus Culture

Thank you for those who have journeyed with us!  This is way more of team effort…I think life is way more of team effort then we ever think and we are grateful to each person on our team, each of our churches, friends, readers, pray-ers, givers….it is this beautiful symphony of encouragement, prayer and purpose from all around the world that is going to bring change to this nation and to the world.  Shalom from Fiji!


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