Visitors from afar…

True story….there once were some great friends who lived very near when they were newly married couples.  They spent copious amounts of time together, ate together, worked together and played … Continue Reading →

Around here….

Around here we have the privilege of hosting a team youth from New Zealand for a 10 day missions trip.  I was incredibly skeptical about hosting them (nothing new there) … Continue Reading →

16 years….wow!!

I can’t believe it…we have been married for 16 years today.  What a fun day that was as our families gathered together, a joining of north and south 🙂 and … Continue Reading →

Tropical Living

There are many romantic notions, many of which I subscribed to prior to the reality, about tropical living….I pictured the beach, the palm trees, the clean tile, the warm breezes. … Continue Reading →

Around here…

Around here we are thankful for Julie who came to visit us for 2 months.  She is a member care ‘expert’ (I only put that in quotation marks for her … Continue Reading →

Visitors from Canada

It was with such great anticipation we took our first ever ‘Fiji holiday’ and had Adam’s dad, Jim and his lovely wife Joan come and stay with us.  It was … Continue Reading →

We are still alive and well

Hello friends!  We are still here but have had some internet woes for the last 6 weeks…finally….finally we have internet at our house again!  There has been so much action … Continue Reading →

What we are listening to right now….

Something very exciting in our family since we have left Canada….we are a reading family.  I have always enjoyed reading and when our kids were very small we were active … Continue Reading →

Birthday week!!

So, something exciting has happened….I had a birthday!!  I had a whole birthday week….as is our family tradition!!  The boys did a great job at taking care of my every … Continue Reading →

One Little word

I love the new year, a fresh start and a reason to try new things.  I used to really not like new year’s.  I would grieve that things will not … Continue Reading →