Paper Bag Book Reports

We love reading.  We really love reading.  My oldest reads 3-4 chapter books a week.  I try to read a least one book a week and have a very long list of books on my to read list.  We read a lot during our homeschool.  I wanted to find a way to make the most of the books we are reading and letting my oldest read the books he wants, but still making sure he thinks about what he is reading and learns from it.  I was looking at creative ways to do book reports.  I found this one…..

I have tried it out 2 times and I think I like it.  It is not super indepth, but allows for discussion and interaction with the text.  I get my oldest to present his to the family.  My favourite part is that they need to find physical things to put in the bag which remind them of the story.  This is such a great way to translate what they have read!  We are going to try a few more of these and experiment with some different ways of exploring what we read!


The first book we did it on (as an example really….to try it out) was Franklin and the tooth fairy. IMG_5539 IMG_5540IMG_5538Each boy and I picked something to put in the bag.  I picked the little present box, to represent the present Franklin received from his parents for growing up.  Cherished son #1 made the blue lego mouth with the tooth hanging down (with blood of course…), CS #2 found the rock that reminded him of the rock Franklin put under his pillow to try and trick the tooth fairy and CS #3 put in the crystal heart for a present for Franklin.  This was so fun and the youngest ones were so excited to find something to contribute to the project!






The book that Cherished Son #3 read the next week was Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis.  It was the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis that week.  I should do another post about what we did to commerate!  Anyway, here is his project…

IMG_5537 IMG_5542 IMG_5541 IMG_5543



For his items he had a pool noodle (not shown and hardly fit in the bag…we’ll let it go this time…..) to represent the sword of Peter, a lego wall to remind him of the wall they jumped right over and a bottle to remind him of the healing balm that Lucy uses.  I was quite happy with everything he did and thought it was a great start!

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  • Lorraine says:

    What a great idea! I am constantly amazed at all the great teaching aids that people come up with-makes learning so interesting & fun!

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