Photos from Fiji

IMG_8530Well I think that the honeymoon phase of living in a tropical country may be coming to an end, but I want to always remain thankful for the place we are in and enjoy the blessings that are around us.  Here are a few pics from the week!



We are beginning to get involved with a local kids program called Faith, Hope and Love.  We  go and hang out with some Fijian kids over by the airport and just make friends, talk about Jesus and pray together.  The boys have some great friends that we went to hang out with on the beach!

The boys have also started sailing lessons.  They get to go out on a large pearl boat and sail with other kids from the club.  It is such a neat experience and I am so thankful that they get this privilege. I think Gideon is almost ready to go out in a boat all by himself!!  I’ll be sure to post pictures.  Part of the sailing club went to some races in a neighbouring country this weekend.  What a fun opportunity!!IMG_8431IMG_8495




We continue to enjoy the bounty of fruit…mostly papayas, they are the most constant anyway!!  Love year round fresh fruit!  Thank you Lord!IMG_8407

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