The beauty of friendship

These past few weeks have been a very busy time for us.  We have been hosting a family from Canada (such a pleasure!!) and hosting a dear friend from Canada.  One year ago our family had just returned home from Fiji.  We knew that God was telling us to go and we were beginning to mentally prepare for what this might mean for our family.   I spent some time walking with my friend Inid and asking her to pray for us.  I asked her to consider coming to Fiji to pray, to invest spiritually in the land, the people and in what God wanted to do through our family.  Our family was registered to take a course in Spain and were actually arriving there this week last year, to have an incredibly life changing, heart changing, mind bending experience that will forever change the way we think and live!!  Upon returning to Canada and praying more with my friend Inid, we both knew that she would be coming to Fiji.  She had been writing scriptures on rocks for people to encourage them.  Someone suggested that she sell them to raise money for Fiji.  IMG_3411An idea was birthed and the sales began, she drew beautiful things on rocks, God promises (I really should post a picture of them…they are prophetic and beautiful!!) and thoughts.  In 6 months she had enough money (and more) to book her ticket, get a passport and get ready.  There is a lot more to this story and it involves the breaking of fear, the pull of the Father’s hand, surrender, and the beginning of something new for more than one family.  It such a beautiful love story and I am so thankful to have her as my friend.  Last week I took her to the airport for one last moment.  I couldn’t believe that she had already been here and now was leaving.  The very thing we had whispered about like school girls, dreamed about and dared to believe had actually happened.  She was here at such a critical time and I am so thankful for her enthusiasm and willingness to step IMG_3612so far out of her comfort zone.  She was part of watering something beautiful and rich that God had planted in this nation at the beginning of time and I will be forever grateful for her friendship.  I don’t really know where I am going with this, I could probably write all day about her visit and the things we did, but all I remember right now is how thankful I am to have friends like Inid.

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  • Inid Starrenburg says:

    Oh my friend! I too, am sooo thankful for your friendship! I am blessed beyond blessed to have had the privilege of coming to Fiji, participating in Gods divine purpose for that nation, and sharing it all with you!!!!! I said before I left Canada that I couldn’t wait to see how God was going to blow my socks off… and boy…did He ever! so much, in so many ways, through so many people! I praise God for all of it, and praise Him as much, for our friendship and what is to come for our families and Fiji! <3

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