The birds and the bees and the baby kittens please!

Warning: graphic sexual language ahead.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

IMG_0277Two weeks ago something very exciting happened around here…our cat had kittens!  3 adorable little things and our kids are totally smitten (thankfully they could each claim one and love on it…no kitten tug of wars)!  This has been just one of the events that has led to a greater amount of questions about where babies come from and how the body works.  What began in January as a very unfortunate incident with the internet and my precious, innocent (then…for both innocent and age) 8 year old boy, has turned into something that we are discussing with great intentionality and less stress.

IMG_0290Part of the curiousity with babies and human anatomy was peaked by me coaching a dear friend for the delivery of her baby here at the local hospital, that added to the fact that my sister is pregnant all just kind of compounded into a lot of questions about sex and development.  Adam and I have spent a lot of time praying about this.  Truthfully it totally freaked us out and we felt totally inadequate to deal with this (I should have called my dad for the whole hot dog and bun analogy…).  As we prayed about it and reviewed what we know about our God and about our kids we began to realize that God had actually given us opportunities to prepare us (like Adam being able to talk with a professional counsellor he IMG_0298respects about kids and how to talk with them about their bodies and others bodies, and me having a science book in my homeschool curriculum on hand that shows photos of babies and uses some great vocabulary around introduction of reproduction).  Okay…we can do this….Phil 4:13 comes to mind…

I just finished listening to a podcast by God Centered Mom about this and found a great resource at  Mary Flo Ridley was the guest on this podcast (Ep 25 at in case you wanted to look it up!) and shares some great strategies and vocabulary for sharing about sex with your kids.  Mary Flo is a very proper Southern belle so it is funny to hear her talking about sex but she has great stuff!  I love how she talked about dazzling your kids with how amazing God is IMG_0306to design life (as opposed to just briefly answering them in a vague way). She also talks about you being the expert, your kids think you are…so you may as well act like it!  This podcast reminded me of a conversation we had this week where I explained a lot of things about birth (again….at least you can always refine your answers and prepare because you know it is coming again) in a fairly general way and one of my kids said, “Oh, I get it, the sperm floats through the air and finds the egg.”  There was a large pause and I thought about how much I loved these kids and how much I love the beauty of innocence and for a split second I was comfortable just leaving that thought out there….and then I remembered the religious community I worked with and how they taught their children that you pick a baby at the hospital and I would have 9 and 10 year old kids asking me how parents know which baby to pick and what a parent does if they only have Chinese babies left….and I realized that I must tell them the truth.  We talked a little more graphically in a very halting and awkward way (which my boys didn’t notice at all).  The funny thing was it came up again later in the week when this same child said the same thing about sperm flying in air and his brother set him straight with a, “Did you forget that the penis fits into the vagina?”  I almost laughed out loud but then just nodded my head and on we went.  It’s a fact, and I am the expert in this case! Dear God help us!

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