The treasures of our new home

We have just returned to Savusavu after 3 weeks on the main island.  Adam was speaking at a few different training schools with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and we were saying goodbye to our Canadian visitors….sadly.  It was however, so fun to be with our YWAM family and it really does feel like comfortable pair of shoes when we visit.  One of the things on our list of things to do in the first year was to visit at every single YWAM location in Fiji (the organization we are here with too!), just to connect and meet our new family.  I love crossing things off lists and it was a pleasure to say that is done!  We were able to meet many people of whom we hope we will continue to meet in the years to come.  Yippee for new friends, too bad some of them are so far away!  Being on the big island made us all begin to miss the IMG_6452comforts of Canada (there are a lot more ‘creature comforts’ on the big island and a lot less bugs….).  So today I wanted to count some treasures here in our new home.

One of the huge treasures (which is my word for the year…fitting) is living so close to the ocean.  I try to make sure we get into the water and walk along the beach as much as possible (depends on the tide schedule, but we usually make it out at least 5 times a week).  We bought a basket that we keep beside the door to the house which has a great collection of everything we collect on our walks.


We also just built (well actually a village man built it and we mostly watched) a raft called a ‘billy-billy.’  We are lookin2014-04-12 185g forward to many fishing and family expeditions on the ocean with our new vessel!!   The boat in the picture below is the village boat the villagers use for fishing.  We took it for a little spin one day!  For this and so much more we are thankful and we are trying to choose daily to focus on the gifts of this new life and this lovely place to be planted!


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  • inid says:

    amen! I think i’d count the cats too, since they help keep the local rat population down for you! 🙂 …. i’d also include Fijian Cloth Pegs. they keep the clothes on the line! 🙂 love counting with you! <3

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