The view from the top

IMG_7284We have been clearing trails on the YWAM property (an act of faith while waiting for the title….still waiting).  By we I actually mean, Soni and his friend, Adam and Dave.  Kathy and the kids and I went for a hike on these cleared trails and I wanted to post some pics so that you could all pray with us for the release of this property.  We haven’t heard anything from the surveyors and are having to hunt them down to find out what the problem is (like go door to door to find their house and camp out until they come home…this is something that Soni is very familiar with, but will be our first legal stalking adventure).  We are definitely feeling like there is a greater power working against this project, but we know the character of our God and we know that we are more than overcomers!

Here are the pictures….there is nothing like a little tarzan rope swinging goodness!!!

IMG_7264 IMG_7249 IMG_7302



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