Visitors from afar…

IMG_0033True story….there once were some great friends who lived very near when they were newly married couples.  They spent copious amounts of time together, ate together, worked together and played together (even lived together at some point)….and so community was born in the hearts of these two impressionable couples.  Once they lived not so close anymore they remained committed to one another.  Folks, I could fill this blog with stories of this beautiful relationship (Once there was this large stuffed bear hanging in the shower….) but I digress…  We are so very fortunate to call these people our friends. DSCN0754 They sacrificed much to come and pour out into us and our community and it was so fun to introduce them to our new country.  We are grateful!  They brought us many treats from home (a little Kraft Dinner goes a long way…) including Rook cards, which we used almost every night they were here….these are true friends!  Our hearts, closets and bellys are full!

In a few days we head to Australia (it’s winter and less than 10 degrees C.  yikes!) and we will be a little less shivery now in several ways!  It was such a great visit and allowed us to see even more of this wonderful country!  We really enjoyed this blessing and many memories were made!

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