Visitors from Canada

DSCF1459It was with such great anticipation we took our first ever ‘Fiji holiday’ and had Adam’s dad, Jim and his lovely wife Joan come and stay with us.  It was sooooo much fun and so deeply refreshing to spend time with them, hanging out, sharing our new culture and city and island.  We picked them up from the airport and the boys were ready (very very early) with sulus and huge hugs to meet Grandpa and Auntie Joan at the airport!  We explored and went to things we had not been to yet… like the Fiji Museum! We took them walking, hiking, swimming and to see the sites of Suva.  It was so exciting to receive goodies from Canada and we just felt totally blessed!  Jim and Joan had rented a house on the other side of the island, so we went with them in a big ole’ rented van and drove the entire island (it was something on our bucket list!) to the beautiful ‘Western side’ (I don’t know why people call it that….we drove to the North of the island) in Rakiraki.  The house was peaceful, beautiful and really fun.  The boys swam like crazy men, we all snorkelled (the youngest grandson and grandpa for the first time….Joan and I for the first time in Fiji!!) and ate and did lots of reading and napping!  I feel like I am gushing but there was something very mentally, spiritually and emotionally restoring.  Part of it I am sure, was the great conversation and enjoying how similar Joan and I are in eating habits and thoughts, but part of it was just having no responsibility and nothing scheduled and not worrying about culture or dress or what is appropriate…. and just being able to sit in God’s incredible creation and stare at the sea from the lovely hanging bed!  I feel whole, like something that was a bit cracked was repaired and a new hope has begun for whatever this next chapter may hold!  How exciting!!  I am so grateful to Jim and Joan and their graciousness.  Glad to be part of their family!

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