We are still alive and well

Hello friends!  We are still here but have had some internet woes for the last 6 weeks…finally….finally we have internet at our house again!  There has been so much action these last few weeks that I don’t even know what to say!  We have 3 young staff from different YWAM locations around Fiji who meet at our house everyday for our National Office Internship.  I am going to do a whole post on them, but needless to say the nitty gritty of discipleship is always less glamorous than it sounds!  We are so thankful for this group and for what God is going to do through them!

As many of you may have heard, we had a bit of a health scare with our oldest son.  He had (what I am calling) an asthma attack and I had to rush him to the hospital.  Our first family hospital visit in Fiji and the first time he has ever had anything like this.  Adam was away and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone to come and stay with the kids…ahhh I feel a bit stressed when I think of it, but it ended well.  Praying it was a one time episode.


This was Gideon upon checking into the hospital. Many many people die in Fiji due to asthma because it is just not treated seriously here, however the staff were quick and professional. Very grateful!

We also just returned from a medical outreach, which was a really great time for our family.  Outreach holds a very special place in the hearts of our kids, they love being part of team…matching shirts, eating together, common sleeping place etc.   They made great friends and learned so much watching the dentist do extractions, learning how to sterilize equipment, learning how to take blood pressure and blood sugars and what causes those high numbers.  It was also very fun to see our interns come alive as they translated, helped people learn about culture and shared their beautiful country with a group of foreigners!  I always feel abit of lots of trepidation before we go, it is just a far leap out of my comfort zone, you know all that being flexible and stuff, but when I see my kids thrive I think I am glad I made the step and did not let my ‘creature comforts’ or fear of the unknown hold me back.


This is Gideon after 3 ‘sessions’ of ventolin! He was laughing and joking and talking about how he felt like the bull with the steaming nostrils in the cartoons. What a relief!


Heading out to the village…a nice 5 hour drive in the back of this carrier…did I mention our kids loved it! They slept, they read, they waved at people through the top! Love these boys!!

marine reach outreach 2015 2

Welcome to Keyasai Village! In the background you can see a traditional bure. They had just built this one and had fires in it each night to steam the inside and help cure everything so that the chief of the village could move in. This was one of the more traditional villages we have been in, it was a really great experience!

marine reach outreach 2015

I love this photo…they just sized each other up for a long time and then went off and played together!

marine reach outreach 2015 3

Our youngest son, hanging out with the village kids. He is definitely our socialite!


The registration table…I actually only did this job for 1 day, but we were the front lines of the clinic for that day…making sure patients saw the right professional. These are 2 of our interns that we work with each day!


This is a terrible photo but it made me laugh because on the way there they were waving and cheerful, on the way home they were ‘cold’ and tired….basically curled in the fetal position for the ride back…which was thankfully shorter than the way there! Oh the end of the outreach….








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  • Jocelyn says:

    Glad Gideon is okay. Ty was just asking about the boys last night and when you guys are coming home. Lol. He misses them.
    Sounds like your family is doing a lot of great things over there and having fun and learning lots.
    We miss you all, take care and keep up the great updates.
    Jos and family

  • inid says:

    I love hearing about the outreach, and seeing all the pictures. I love hearing how the boys are learning so much! I find it inspiring and exciting, like i get to live through them some how. How i long for those kind of hands on learning for my children! love you!

  • Kim A. says:

    Ohh Inid! Thank you!!

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