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IMG_1284Something very exciting in our family since we have left Canada….we are a reading family.  I have always enjoyed reading and when our kids were very small we were active in our local library, but since starting homeschooling it has changed the fabric of our family culture.  We have a culture of reading in our family.  This doesn’t mean that we all just read individually, but we read aloud….together.  IMG_0841We savour audio books (so thankful for the Overdrive Public online library in Manitoba….free audiobooks at our fingertips…and I don’t have to read until I am hoarse!!) together.  We have several books on the go that we read (or listen to) and discuss….together.  It has greatly enriched all of our lives, helped us be consistent, created a comfortable routine in the midst of some crazy life changes and it has helped us dive into some rich discussion with our kids about some great topics…life purpose, world events, Biblical worldview.  We share books with one another (I read some of my oldest son’s books, and if he really thinks it’s amazing we read it together as a family).  I love the

IMG_0895fruit of this family time and how it is teaching my kids to think about what they read (or watch or listen).

I have been listening to a podcast about reading aloud called the Read Aloud Revival and it has been really inspirational and informative on how to make this time together even richer!  So fun and so easy!!!  We are hooked and our family will never be the same again!!  I can also see that our reading aloud ability has changed….when we were in Manitoba waiting for our visa I got this book from the local MCC store.  0440402832We tried to read it together and just could not get into the story, however, we just started it as a part of our homeschool curriculum and are enjoying it right now!  My how we have grown!!

Here are the books that we are listening too as a family….Hope you feel inspired!!



My oldest son is 9 and loving these stories, that have quite the Biblical parallel!!


My 7 year old has enjoyed the short, fast paced adventures of Jack and Annie. Throw in a bit of history and magic and you have an interesting tale! He listens to these on his own during rest time in the afternoon.



berenstain bears science book

This is what the 4 year old in our family is listening to….we call him Tommy Tabasco because of a new love of spicy sauce!  I read this to him during our school time each morning.


This is the book that I am listening to and finding it so refreshing! Yippee for boundaries!! I listen when I am doing dishes, folding laundry, watching my kids swim or laying in bed (but I have to use the timer to shut it off so I don’t listen to the whole book while sleeping!!).


This is our family read aloud in the evening. We are now on the third book and the boys wish they could have a pet hamster! I don’t even think there is a single hamster in Fiji!!

The passion translations book of psalms

Okay, this is not necessarily the thing Adam is listening to, but he does listen to his audio Bible more than any other book, however, this Passion translation is something we are reading together and are loving the fresh revelation and insights!


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